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Everyone experiences difficult and confusing times. If you are struggling with painful emotions, relationship conflicts or life transitions, we are here to help.

Since 1968, Pastoral Counseling Center has been a place of refuge for those seeking compassionate guidance and faith-integrated counseling. Here your specific needs are met with a loving and understanding approach. Together, we can help you gain insight and knowledge, improve communication and release ideals that no longer serve you.

At Pastoral Counseling Center, healing matters.

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  • June 7 For Kids' Sake
  • June 9 For Kids' Sake
  • June 16 Basic Meditation Training
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  • June 18 Basic Meditation Training

Our services include:

If you or a loved one is facing stress or discord, the caring staff at Pastoral Counseling Center can help bring healing and hope. Together, we can explore the challenges you are facing, regardless of your ability to pay. Schedule an appointment at any of our locations by calling 214.526.4525.