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For 50 years, The Center has made mental health care available for families living in poverty who face many obstacles to security and stability and who do not have adequate access to mental health services. 

Through our Partnerships for Accessible Counseling and Training (PACT) Program, we partner with non-profit community organizations to provide mental health care for families with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and socio-economic levels. At the core of our mission to make mental health care accessible, we are committed to meeting people where they are to help them reach their full potential, despite of geographical and financial limitations. 

The PACT Program is The Center’s innovative approach to making high-quality mental health care accessible. The mission of this program is to provide high-quality mental health services and training that are integrated within communities, organizations, and systems of care in order to make mental health care accessible in underserved communities. By collaborating and co-locating with other non-profit social service agencies, those referred for counseling are more likely to seek counseling because they already have a trust for the organization, the counseling is offered within the organization, and the services are connected with the overall care for the individual. By working with our PACT partners, we supplement and complement their work by addressing the mental health of those they are serving and we improve the care of those served by collaborating in their care.

The families we serve face barriers to receiving counseling such as language, geography, transportation, lack of financial resources, and social stigma. The families experience a gap in coverage caused by family income that is too low to afford insurance plans that include behavioral and mental health, or family income that is too high to qualify for Medicaid. It is a brutal cycle because mental illness further prevents families from finding stability and ending the cycle of poverty and children from reaching their potential in school.  Our mental health services help clients being served at our PACT partner locations to develop skills that can change the trajectory of their lives. Counseling and psychological assessments are offered for children, teens, families, and adults who do not have the resources to obtain these life-changing services.

It is only through the generosity of foundations and private donors that we are able to provide these life-changing services to those who would not otherwise have access to them.

Thank you for giving one of the suggested amounts or any amount you wish to donate to help strengthen families: 

  • $75 – Play Therapy session for a vulnerable child
  • $300 – six sessions of counseling for someone battling paralyzing depression
  • $1,500 – 20 weeks of counseling for a family dealing with the traumatic loss of a loved one
  • $2,000 – an autism or ADHD assessment for a child whose family would not otherwise be able to afford the evaluation 

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